Adidas Look Book


Adidas Women’s training wanted to have an online look book where bloggers and journalists have easy access to view, download and share high resolution photos of the 2012 Spring/Summer range. After some consideration HTML5 was chosen as the technology of choice to optimise it for both desktop and tablet, and it runs beautifully on both platforms.

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Design Process

I wanted to let the photos to speak for themelves, and designed the experience as an immersive full screen web app with slick minimalist UI. To reduce amount of clutter, we positioned the interface at the top and bottom of the screen. After 6 seconds of inactivity, the UI slides out of view, leaving only the glorious full screen images and subtle product hot spots visible.


Working together with an excellent developer we really wanted to support tablets such as the iPad so Adidas could use this on the road as a sales tool - this meant writing the whole web app in HTML5 instead of Flash. We're happy to say that it runs beautifully on tablets. The app is accessible through the web, but could easily be deployed through App Stores as well. We also put a lot of thought into making the paradigm of product discovery from images via hotspots into modular and re-usable code - in fact we are turning the technology into a new product.