Economist Windows 8 App


With the new Windows 8 operating system coming out later this year, a lot of brands are looking at how to translate their existing mobile and tablet apps to Windows 8 both visually and in terms of functionality, and also how to take advantage of some of the new features. I came up with a concept for a prototype app, wireframed the UX, designed the look/feel and finally animated a video run-through exploring what this could look like for the Economist.

Design Process

The new Windows 8 design language is all about maximising the space for content and getting rid of clutter. This means the navigation is concealed in the navigation bars accessible by swiping in from the edges of the device. It also means lots of breathing space for beautiful typography and pictures, which was put to good use in this example. The design also needs to scale across a lot of different screen sizes - this is something that needs to be considered early on. The user journey is slightly different to mobile apps on other platforms, so this had to be taken into consideration in the UX.


This piece was an exploration of the design language and broader functionality rather than a fully functional app, so I designed a quick prototype in Flash and then brought it to life with After Effects, resulting in the product demo video above. This allowed to showcase functionality and the user journey through the app prior to spending much longer on actually developing the app in C#.