MÜller digital panel


Müller was running a campaign with a free shopping spree as the main prize, and the print creative was clothes pouring out of a Müller yogurt container. My job was to bring this to life on digital panels scattered around London Underground. This consisted of a studio shoot of a stop-motion sequence of real clothes moving. With some clever post-production and a 3D yogurt container really looks like fluid clothes pouring out.


The sequence was shot in a studio from above as a high resolution stop-frame animation, and each the item of clothing was moved a tiny bit between each frame, then photographed. To get a really fluid, yogurty movement, post-production techniques were then employed in After Effects - as well as colour correction to get a nice silky strawberry yougurty texture to the clothes. The spinning yogurt container was animated and rendered in 3D, and the whole shot was then composited in After Effects.